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4 Pillars of SCALE Leadership Academy



SCALE will implement key models and concepts to promote bureaucracy, community, professionalism, and fiscal accountability. We believe that commitment to accountability ensures more efficient school operations and allow our school to more effectively address the issues prevalent in traditional school settings — leadership, diversity, and learning.  Our commitment to accountability is closely linked to school leadership, and our leadership team will incorporate key research-based strategies, polices, procedures, and models while establishing settings to move our organization beyond simple goal assessments and towards documented success.  SCALE will also orient our decision-making principles around organization-wide interconnections, which will enhance the overall responsiveness, and more importantly, positively impact classroom instruction.  

Equity and Multiculturalism


SCALE staff is committed to address the current inequities, both culturally and ethically, in current and conventional classrooms. To that end, our staff will explore said causes and find the best possible research-based solutions available.  In addition, students will examine the importance and influence of education in their own cultural history and explore topics that are relevant to their identities.  Teachers will provide culturally rich materials and resources, which will include the perspectives of the many to address the issues of the whole.  The School Director will continuously monitor the following four areas of diversity--Curriculum Reform, Cultural Equity, Multi-Cultural Competence, and Pedagogy Equity.  The School director will also consistently monitor key indicators to prevent academic inequities and work collectively with teachers, parents, and community stakeholders in order to provide balanced and equal learning experiences for all students.    



Our staff will focus on implementing leadership practice which will transform schools into effective learning organizations. We here at SCALE Leadership Academy believe firmly that the best leaders understand themselves, the schools they lead, and the complex socio-political environments they are responsible to navigate on a daily basis.  We define quality leadership on the following characteristics in a school context:

  • ​Effective Communication Skills

  • Educational Expertise

  • Management-Savvy

  • Exceptional Organization

  • Inspirational Leadership Qualities

  • Conviction to Ethics

  • Commitment to Relationship Development


       We will utilize a variety of analysis instruments to best assist school leaders develop their better understandings and reflections of their own leadership styles and behavioral tendencies.  Our leaders will apply this knowledge to make informed and objective decisions to effectively address situations and problems specific to our school culture. 

Equity and Multiculturalism


We here at SCALE will provide students with online learning and enriching experiences, which are founded in current research and theoretical models. Said models are based in learning, motivation, and instruction which engages all levels of learners.  Our leaders are also skilled in identifying learning challenges and solving them by understanding the research and theoretical foundations for developing instructional solutions   

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